Around the Neck Music Device for the Deaf

Introduction: Around the Neck Music Device for the Deaf

I have explored the idea of making a device much like this and I finally got around to starting it. I intend for this to be used with music and possibly in the future be used to recognize phone calls or know when the doorbell rings.

When this is finished the lights will light up to music and the speaker will be used to send vibrations directly onto the surface of the skin. I hope to use an Arduino board to run the systems and I hope to figure out a code for it. Any help with making a code would be GREAT. 

It is made from a recycled plastic container top, energy efficient LEDs, and i reused a speaker from a singing birthday card

Step 1: Make the frame

 The frame is easily made from the picture. Fist cut and bend the main piece that goes around your neck to fit perfectly around the users neck. Adding the extender arm for the LED bar: Cut a 4 inch piece of plastic and connect it to the main piece. the LED bar is a small i inch piece of plastic with four holes for four LEDs.

Step 2: Glue the speaker and LEDs on

This step is explained in the title. Go by the pictures and glue.

I also added a cork pad to the main around the neck piece for added comfort

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