Arrow Saw




Introduction: Arrow Saw

Very easy and accurate way to cut those arrow shafts at home

Step 1: Step One - Buy the 2" Mini Cutoff Saw at Good 'ol Harbor Freight

Pretty self explanatory

Step 2: You Need an Abrasive Cutoff Wheel. Any Other Typical Saw With Teeth Will Cause Splintering

The 3" abrasive cutoff wheel with 3/8" Arbor fits just right

Step 3: Mount Cutoff Wheel and Secure Saw to Table

Step 4: Cut and Square

It cuts through carbon and fiberglass like butter. I tried many different approaches to this before finding the final and best method. Plus the blade is large enough that you can take off any length with one cut. I used some fine sandpaper and a punch and die set I already had to smooth any rough uneven edges.

Step 5: Finished Products

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    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks! Simple was what I was going for. Some of the other ideas out there were way more complicated than need be.