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Introduction: Arrowhead Pendant

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I’m doing this project with my 10 year old Webelos (Boy Scouts). It’s an arrow pendant made form 22 gage sheet metal. While making it they get to use a hammer and blowtorch, both of which my scouts seem to love.

First you cut out a small square of metal. Then you use the same method as cutting a paper heart though instead you make an arrowhead. Trace the image onto the metal and cut it out. Use a ball peen hammer to texture the metal. Grind down any sharp edges. Oxidize the metal with a torch so it discolors. Use a piece of sandpaper to remove some of the oxidation to highlight the hammer blows. Finally use a constrictor knot to tie it on a piece of cotton cord.



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    great concept, i usually use slate for arrowheads, but now im thinking that i have lots of scrap copper lying round and may try your method. thanks for the ible on this.

    Great simple yet unique! Might try this one in copper.

    nice work yjere .& good for you helping kid,s alway,s a good thing

    Very nice, and I can bet those boys had fun! What could be better than a hammer and a torch in your hands when your that age! :))

    Hey, can we get a chance to win your metal smithing tools? LOL!

    I bet those guys had a blast making those! I had to take a peek since at first I thought it was a real arrowhead :)