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I believe that a gift should be as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside and you'll accomplish that with this DIY gift wrap. You don't have to be an expert in drawing to make it and you'll surprise someone by giving something made with your hands.

Step 1: Materials

Kraft paper

Black marker


3 cm width ribbon


Step 2: Measure

Place the gift in the kraft paper to estimate how much you are going to need. Cut the paper with the scissors.

Step 3: Lines

Use the marker to make lines diagonally all over the paper.

Step 4: Arrows

Draw 3 V's in the lines: on on top of each line and 2 at the bottom. Draw them in different directions to make it look more balanced.

Step 5: Wrap

Wrap your gift as you usually do. Use the scotch tape to stick the parts together.

Admire your art.

Step 6: Ribbon

Cut a long piece of ribbon (I used 1 yard for the size of gift I had). Fold it in half and place it on top of the gift.

Bring the two ends to the back and cross them so that the ends go in the opposite direction to the first ribbon (like a cross) and take them to the front again.

Make a ribbon in the center.

Step 7: Cut Ends

Use the scissors to cut the ends of the ribbon in a V shape.

And that's it! easy right? Ready to surprise a lucky person!

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