Arsenal Shipka

About: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.

This is my Arsenal Shipka (the first one on this sight!), or Shipka, as it is more predominantly know. I was on when I saw the thinking that it would be a pretty easy build, I built it. Tell me what you think.

Now its time for Pros and Cons:

Looks correct (The pictures don't do it justice)
Has flip up sights
10 round mag
Good range (30-ish feet)
Double shooter
Feels good in my hands
Sights work

Could use some bendy rods
Could use a trigger
Mag could be thinner


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    I have built it, but at the time I built it, I did not have any Y rods, so I may build it again some time, but then again, I'm in the middle of building something of (hopefully) KnexGurl caliber.