Introduction: Art

These are all made from Ostrich Eggshell. The are carved using a ultra high-speed tool called the Sho fu. The Coloring on the eggshell are gilding powders, and palladium. The elk and Daffodils are also ostrich eggshell cut away from the egg and set into a shadow box. It take up to 3 months to complete.

Step 1:

Draw your design on the eggshell with a pencil.
Outline with a 699 carbide burr (using high speed tool)

Step 2:

Carve your detail. I use the small diamond football burr. (using a high speed tool)

Step 3:

I sanded the areas that I wanted smooth with sanding sticks.

Step 4:

I added the stars using the small diamond football burr.

Step 5:

Black sizing is applied to where I want the Blue mica powder.

Step 6:

Blue mica powder is then applied to the black sizing.

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    ooh, i love that blue. where do you get your gilding supplies? i've only just started toying with things like leafing and such, and i'd really like to try that metalic blue on some things. any tips for that?

    I get the sanding sticks from Woodcraft. They also have a Woodcraft store online at

    I saw your book on this egg, and others designs, that can be purchase on amazon. beautiful work, I never received an answer on where you get your sanding sticks.

    1 reply

    I saw such at they have 2 sets with coarser and finer grits.

    this is very beautiful.

    Where do you get your sanding sticks? You do beautiful work.

    Wow, they are amazing! Congratulations for being a finalist in the egg contest! :)

    Simply stunning!! Love it!!

    Hi! Where do you get ostrich eggs? Can you get them pre-blown?

    1 reply

    Here are a couple of links of where I get them. Yes, they are pre-blown.

    I hope this helps.

    Ditto on the awe and wonder and wow!

    Lovely. Is a dremel acceptable to use? Not sure what you mean when you say that you are using a high speed tool. Such a special gift for someone who appreciates hard work and detail.

    2 replies

    Thank you for your kind works. A dremel does not have the speed you need to get detail. I use ultra high speed tool 300,000- 400,000 RPM. is the link of where I buy my tools and supplies.

    Just so you know it is really hard to leave me speechless and you have

    Thanks for the link to get the high speed tool! Awesome work!