How Colour Can Improve Your Mood .




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Do you have a favourite colour that makes you feel good whenever you wear it, or see it?
Have you ever spent long deliberations on what colour to use in a certain room?
Colour affects your mood:  It's no mistake that depression is often called BLUE, anger is RED and Purity is WHITE (a blank canvas), GREEN is envy, and so on. Whilst drawing my Black and White (B&W) pictures I noticed a definite feeling of low energy so I decided to try using mad, bright colours and was surprised at how cheerfull I was when selecting and using my colours. The colours POP out at you and make you look at all the seperate drawings to see them and their colours. Try scrolling from B& W to Colours and see how they affect you. Please enjoy them and let me know if you have similar experiences when using colour.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Although white along with blue and silver are my favorite color's I was unable to loo at the black and white pictures without an eerie feeling of depression hanging in the room. However when I saw the third one down in the first column of the second picture, the first one in the first column of the third picture, as well as the last of the same felt almost... no no almost about it magical to look at.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    All my drawings are hand done, without rulers, and I go along a theme for a while but never repeat myself. Some of my others are shown in Authors-Clinic. Thanks for looking.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Please note: All my drawing are small, cut and taped (dbl sided) onto A4 and scanned. Each square is about 1.1/2 inches or less and all were hand drawn no rulers or templates used.