Art Deco Hat Rack With Coat Hooks Out of Scrap!




Introduction: Art Deco Hat Rack With Coat Hooks Out of Scrap!

Needed a place to hang my nice hats, so made this from leftovers lying around the shop. 

Step 1:

I won't go into faceplate turning on the wood lathe, but the tops for the hat racks are made just like that. I glued 2   3/4 "x 4"x 4" blocks together, screwed them to the lathe, and turned the nice round tops for the hats you see here. 

Next, to the laser! I cut out the shapes you see here. The largest pieces are out of 1/4" plywood, everything else is 1/8" plywood. You need two of everything for each hook (I did 5 hooks), and 6 of the little squares for each hook.

Step 2:

Next, tons of glueing and clamping!! Get all the pieces glued and lined up like you see here....

Step 3:

Now that the hooks are all done, time to make something to attach em to!

Ran the table router around the edge. Then, got the dado on the tablesaw to cut grooves for the coat hooks to sit. Turns out, it is much easier to run a couple passes to get the groove the exact width of the hooks, than trying to get the width of the dado blade to match the hooks width. 

Make sure you make the grooves wide enough to fit your hats! My hats are pretty wide, so there's 10 inches between hooks. 

Step 4:

Lastly, paint and screw everything together. 

I spray painted the hooks a brass color, then sprayed on black paint and quickly wiped it off with mineral spirits. Gives it an old patina'd look.

Make sure to pre-drill before screwing the tops on and the hooks to the base. The hooks can easily split if you don't pre-drill first. 

ta-Da! Cheap, easy, and keeps your hats looking nice. 

I made it at TechShop!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I agree with randomray, not enough information! what is the diameter of the 'tops'? I dislike an instructable in which the author never even answers the questions put to him/her afterward.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like the design ... but I'm sorry to say the instructable isn't very helpful . First there are no sizes or dimensions and you say you cut them out with a laser "cutter" you could have just as easily said magic happens and you get a bunch of pieces that are all the correct size . But no sizes number of pieces or anything . Give people something to work from laser cutters are just not that common in home workshops . Even if someone has a laser cutter they still can't make the project . Thanks , I just need more info .