Art Display for School Hallways




Introduction: Art Display for School Hallways

Hang artwork in the hallway of your school without tape, pins etc.

Step 1: Supplies

Small Binder Clips, Step Ladder, Art Work, High School Hallway with drop ceilings.

Step 2: Artwork

Attach a binder clip to the top left and right corners of your artwork.

Step 3: Ceiling

Attach binder clips to the ceiling grid. They can easily be slid left and right once attached so that the clips line up with the artwork.

Step 4: Hanging the Artwork.

Twist the lever on the "artwork clip" 90 degrees and insert through the lever of the "ceiling clip". Twist back 90 degrees.

The photo for this step is for clarity. You actually do this step with the clip up on the ceiling grid.

Your art will now hang from the ceiling.

Step 5: Before

Step 6: After

Step 7: Foyer Display

Hanging artwork with binder clips is a quick way to make an impact around the school. I have even displayed work in front of the student lockers. To do this I have attached the ceiling clips using a ruler for spacing. Back in the art room  I attached clips to the artwork, then when the crowds have cleared after school, up goes the artwork! Take down is quick too, Twist 'n' Release!

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    6 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Brilliant idea! I have strips on the wall to hang art work, but I dislike them, awkward to hang work and you wind up putting holes in things. I had an idea recently on how to fix this, I have yet to put it into action. Now that said, the other side of the wall to the hall where my art room sits has nothing, and I tape things up, but I love thing hanging idea! Thank you for the great instructable!


    7 years ago

    Project looks cool. Wanna try. Instructable on that?


    7 years ago

    The one in the far right bottom corner is flipping you off, British style.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Not so. I am British and teaching in NJ. It's a peace sign, knuckles showing is what you are thinking of.