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This instructable may give some ideas on how to make some art for your walls. The material is reused corrugated cardboard. For these projects, I selected some disney characters,as well as the bird pictures you see, and I either free handed them, or used an opaque projecter to trace my patterns. Cutting out the figures is easy on the bandsaw. All paint used is craft acrylics, dries fast and is water clean up! I like the plain look, as well, but did use a little acrylic paint to put in highlights and add an additional touch. Of course you can make them as large as you want.

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Step 1: Micky

I made this cut out by drawing the figure on the cardboard and then cutting with the band saw. Individual pieces are glued onto a cardboard backing, using white glue.

Step 2: Donald

Donald was easy too. I had an earlier pattern, but used the opaque projecter originally.

Step 3: Little Bear

I've forgotten where I got this pattern from, but am sure it's a free hand drawing, then cut out on the bandsaw.

Step 4: Grand Finale

A more "formal" presentation of Micky Mouse. I used a black picture matt, I believe the size is 11" x 14". My information is shown on the card which is a piece of cardboard to which I have glued a business card printed on kraft paper.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Your card board pictures remind me of a wood art caled Intrasia, it would beso nice to do them in the card board. For future art see if you can find some on the internet. I love your cardinal he is so real looking


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Just wondering if you have to use the band saw to cut out the shapes?
    Could I use a craft knife instead? I love your work Cman .Makes me want to get started on a project*** Cheers mate :-)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You used a band saw on cardboard? Sure works, but sounds like overkill.
    Lovely job on these.


    1 reply