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Hello, friends, we are going to make a pencil/pen holder. I'm planning to hang on the window instead of hanging it on the wall. Why dirty your walls when you have windows? The great thing about this is that this can be removed easily. So, let's start.

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Step 1: Materials Required

To make this you need:

  1. A pair of scissors
  2. A ruler
  3. Pencil/pen (anything to mark)
  4. Glue (I prefer white glue because it becomes transparent)
  5. A cardboard
  6. 2 copper wires

Caution: Be safe while using sharp instruments.

Step 2: Let's Make It

Let's make it,

The parts are given above on the picture. Part 01 is the back part. Part 02 is the front part. Part 03, 04, 05 are the bottom, divider and side part respectively.

  1. First, take part 01 and fold the shaded parts and take 2 part 05 and paste on the sides. Take part 03 and paste at the bottom.
  2. Then, take part 02 and fold the shaded parts and paste it to part 01.
  3. The paste part 04 and let it dry.
  4. Twist the copper wire into a spring. This gives them more strength. And hook it through the holes made in part 01.

Step 3: Project Completed!!!

Viola! your pencil/pen holder is ready. Hook it to the walls. And keep the walls clean. And thank you for reading.

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