Art Room Makeover

Use pallets and old doors to turn a loft storage room in to the perfect arts and craft space with plenty of storage.

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Step 1: Clean Up the Mess!

Time to dejunk, lay flooring, and screw some 2x4 supports across the back wall about the height you want for the table.

Step 2: Cut 4 Pallets

Measure and cut 4 pallets down to height you want (same height as the 2x4 supports you screwed onto the wall)

Step 3: Find 2 Doors & Cut One in Half

Screw your four trimmed pallets in place (sorry didn't get a photo of this step). Two on the outside walls , and two about 3 feet in. The middle ones are screwed to the 2x4 brace at the back.

Cut one of your two doors in half (we had to trim one down a little, but the size of the room was almost perfect for two doors). Lay one door across the middle, and the two halves go at the ends.

Step 4: Screw Em' In!

Screw the doors in place into the 2x4 support and into the pallets with some nice long screws. We added a trim piece on the front to cover the underside of the doors and make it look a little thicker and more custom (green tinted part)

Putty, sand and paint your tabletop however you want.

Step 5: Slide in Some MDF Shelving.

Buy two sheets of MDF shelving, measure and cut so they fit between your pallet slats and slide-em in. Perfect size shelving for my clayboard panels.

Step 6: Paint the Door :)

(just for fun)...My door to the attic room is made out of leftover ceiling planking. Was going to be a temporary measure but I like it so much I think it will stay. Painted it to match the rest of the room with leftover paint from other rooms in the house.

Step 7: Enjoy!

A great space to sew, paint, work on my Scratchboard Art. The table is solid enough I can sit/stand on it easily. Just need to mount some permanent lighting, add some curtains for the windows and maybe some draw curtains eventually to hide the shelving. I'm a happy camper! Cost = about $30 for two MDF sheets and maybe 20 screws. Everything else was leftover or free.

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love the pencils on the back of the door it really ties the whole room together. are the pallets holding up the table or is i the 2x4 across the walls that are supporting most of the weight?

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks Brian. I'd say both the pallets and the 2x4s are equally supporting the weight of the doors. I don't usually work with incredible precision, but here we made sure the 2x4s on the wall were level and the pallets were cut to the exact same height. So it's supported pretty evenly all around I think.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Here's the other side of the door.. (just cause you commented on it particularly). There are two little opposing attic rooms like this in our loft and the door clearance is marginally lower due to the overhead truss. So instead of buying new doors just to have to turn around and cut them down, we built two of these with leftover planks from the vaulted ceiling (see above the door). We've since finished the trim and it looks a bit better than this, but you get the idea. Lent itself well to the pencil crayons on the other side.