Personal Coffee Sign

Introduction: Personal Coffee Sign

About: We are a family of Artistic minds who not only create the ArtCAM Software, but make fun things aswell.

Create a simple sign in artcam express . Wording and components can be changed to create your own designs.

Things needed:
ArtCAM Express
CNC Machine and selection of cutting tools
Piece of material

Step 1: Watch the Full Video.

Step 2: The Design

Step 3:

1. Select Open model and select the Vines_Grass.png file

2. Change the height to 700mm and set the origin to the centre

3. Create a bitmap to vector, reduce colours to two, switch primary colour to black and create vectors

4. Preview the relief layer in 2D by selecting the greyscale icon
5. Open the clipart library and import SignBase13
6. Centre and resize to 600mm width, paste
7. Scale relief to 25mm

8. Insert a vertical line at 0

Step 4:

1. Transform the vine vectors (resize and rotate) to the same position as picture above

Step 5:

1. Go into node editing and select vine vectors

2. Cut in two places on the right hand side as shown and delete the left over vector on the right

Step 6:

1. Create “COCO’S” text, using Broadway font, 200 height

2. Centre this and move down into position

3. Create “COFFEE SHOP” text, using Broadway font, 75 height

Centre this and move down into position

Step 7:

1. Use the measure tool to roughly measure the width of the border of the sign

2. Offset the outside vector inwards by half of the border width

Step 8: Machining the Design

1. Create a machine relief over the sign base usingthe outside vector as a boundary

  • Finishing – 6mm BE
  • Roughing – 12mm EM (change stepdown to 5mm)
  • Define Material (default – 25mm)

02. Create an Area Clearance on the “COCO’S” text using a 1.5mm EM, start depth 12.5, finish depth 15mm

03. Create V-bit Carving toolpath on the vines and the “COFFEE SHOP” text, start depth is 12.5mm, use small v-bit 6mm

04. Create profile toolpath using the inside outer vector. Set to “Along” and set a depth of 1mm, use small v-bit 6mm

05. Create profile toolpath using outside vector. Make sure set to “Outside” and depth is set at 25mm (to cut through) use a 6mm EM

06. Simulate all toolpaths

07. Change material to Beech (H)

Go to Window > Save 3D view image to save a 3D pdf file

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