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Create a selection of letter cutouts as a perfect gift for families, friends, on your wedding day, or even as a cool name stand.

I have seen these used at weddings on head tables, on family mantle pieces (surnames).

The nice thing about this is the design can be modified as you like, and you can even add shapes such as hearts, birds, balloons, etc.

Things needed:

  • ArtCAM Express
  • CNC Machine and selection of cutting tools
  • Piece of material

Step 1: Additional Example

  • ,

Step 2: The How To:

Firstly check out the video above on how to make the pieces, but if you are struggling to follow along, use these steps.

  • In ArtCAM Express software, create a material block the dimension of the design you want to cut

(In the example above I used 200mm Height & 300mm Width and a material thickness of 50mm. (This defines the size of the material using))

Step 3: Creating the Text

  • Next create some text (tip: use a big bold font)
  • Using the kerning option move the text closer together so the letters overlap each other
  • Then ungroup all the text

Important: Ungroup all the text (this is so that when you weld the vectors together you don't lose the centers of 0,P,Q,R,D,A etc)

Step 4: Joining the Text

  • Select all the vectors, apart from the centers of O,P,Q,D,A,B etc
  • Once ungrouped, weld the letters together, this makes sure that the letters are all nicely joined (refer to video)

Important: Make sure that the letters cross each other in the kerning or it wont weld properly together.

Step 5: Stop It Falling Over

If the text does not have a flat bottom you will need to create one, otherwise it will just fall over

  • Create a straight line at the bottom of the text
  • Use the scissors to trim any overlapping lines
  • Join the vectors together to make sure they are closed

Step 6: Machining the Part

The final step is to simply machine the part, to do this;

  • Select the vectors
  • Open the profile tool
  • Choose a cutting tool (I used a 3mm Endmill)
  • Create the toolpath
  • Then simulate to check it is okay
  • Then finally send to your machine...

Step 7: Additional Example

Step 8: Additional Example

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