Artflow Drawings

Introduction: Artflow Drawings

These are some drawings I have made using programs like Artflow and Infinite Painter. If you want to know how to make the swords, I just used the demon sword I'ble by Ifetzer. If you want to know how I made the other pictures, please ask me in the comments.

Step 1: Artflow Vs. Infinite Painter: My Review

Here I will list the pros and cons of both programs. Based on this you can decide which is better.

- Several free paintbrushes
- free fill tool
- free symmetry tool
- free blur tool
- discounted offers on holidays

- need to purchase for more then two layers
- need to purchase for infinite undo's
- can not make multiple pallets

Infinite Painter
- seven day free trial
- more tools/brushes then Artflow
- "classrooms" for each tool

- almost every feature becomes locked after the trial and requires purchase

Because of the fact that I use the fill and symmetry tools on a regular basis, I personally prefer Artflow. Almost all of the pictures were made using the fill and symmetry tools. If you can find a way around using these tools, or if you have a different favourite drawing app, let me know in the comments.

Step 2: Drawing the Eyes

I mostly used the blur tool to draw these eyes. Sadly, I forgot to document how to make the little shapes inside the eye, so I will try to describe it as best as I can.

Step 3: Outline

In one layer, draw the outline of the eye.

Step 4: Add the Pupil

Using the ellipse tool, draw the pupil and the "light spots". Fill the pupil with black and the light spot with white.

Step 5: Colour

Make a layer underneath your eye outline. Choose three shades of the same colour for your eye. Using the airbrush tool, colour in the darkest shade first. Don't worry about colouring outside of the lines, we will clean it up later. Apply your second darkest shade on top of the first colour, then, using the blur tool blend the colours together. Finally, add the lightest shade and using the blur tool, blend all of the colours together.

Step 6: Cleaning Up

Erase all of the colour outside of the lines. Because the outline is in a layer above our colour, you won't actually erase any lines.

Step 7: Adding the Eyebrow

Using the same process you used to colour the eye, add and colour an eyebrow.

* optional * you can just colour the eyebrow your favourite hair colour

Step 8: Final Touches

Draw blush lines in the outline layer, and blush in the colour layer. Add aditional light spots if wanted.

Step 9: Alternative Step: Add Small Shapes

Instead of more light spots, you could draw dots and little shapes with different colours to match your eye.



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