Arthrogryposis Eating Utensil




During the year 2016, one in every 3,000 live births in the U.S. will result in a child born with Arthrogryposis and leave them unable to feed themselves due to their stiff, hard to move joints and weak grip on objects as a result of over-accumulation of tissue on the joints. This utensil will allow for easy movement at little to no cost for production.

Step 1: Download 3D Printed Spoon File

Go to and download spoon file.

Step 2: Separate Spoon

Separate the spoon down the middle to make space for the ball joint insertions. Ensure that the spoon is evenly split down the middle so that there is an equal distance from one end of the spoon to the other.

Step 3: Download Ball Joint File

Go to to download the ball joint.

Step 4: Separate Ball Joint

Separate one section of the ball joint from the rest of the connecting pieces.

Step 5: Combine Ball Joint File With Spoon File

Import the Ball Joint File with the Spoon File. From here, you will be rearranging the file so that the ball joint and spoon are connected with one another.

Step 6: Print!

Save and print the file from your 3D printer. As this file may be rather large, please ensure that adequate time and materials are taken into account before printing.

Step 7: Add Hot Glue Between Ball Joint

Add hot glue in between the ball joint to allow for a textured grip remains during movement. This will ensure that the spoon remains in a fixed position throughout eating.

Step 8: Polish It Off (Sand It Down)

Sand down any rough edges from the 3D print job that may stick out a bit too much. Check out some helpful tips and tricks at when smoothing down a rough finish.

Step 9: Test It Out!

Now that your spoon is fully printed, test it out! Ask some friends to attempt eating without moving their wrists and readjust the angle of the ball joint anyway that you see fit. Most of all feel free to add your own adjustments to the design and have fun making eating accessible to all, regardless of their disability!



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    this is so awesome. I have a cousin with ag. I would love to make this for her, but I don't have a 3d printer :(
    do you have any other solutions? thanks!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Look to your local library system. Many have 3-D printers you can use for a small fee. If your local library doesn't, they can probably refer you to the correct place.

    (Your friendly neighborhood librarian)


    2 years ago

    good use of 3D printing. What software did you use to edit the spoon?


    2 years ago

    wow. Very clever solution.


    That is really cool that you were able to come up with such an simple solution for such a big problem. A 3d printer would be an excellent tool for anyone with Arthrogryposis. You could make a lot of accessibility tools for everyday tasks.