Artifact #47: My Gift Exchange





Introduction: Artifact #47: My Gift Exchange

I didn't really know what to make for the gift exchange, so started from the point "I want to make something that lights up" and "I have a box of electronic bits and the usual craft materials to hand" and pretty much made this device up as I went along.  I'm sure Jake could come up with a more convincing sci-fi back story to it :)



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    I love it . wow cool. youre creative

    'The outer casing that you see, we think is man made, though we are not sure exactly what era, the casing appears to have been made to a higher standard than modern day technology can offer, but the carbon dating rate the piece as being at least 4000 years old.

    What lies inside the casing however, is almost un-explainable, it causes interference with any modern scanning or probing software. Nearly all attempts to open the device have results in damaged cutting equipment, with no damage to the artefact itself.

    I also include for reference reports of an increase in hallucinations around the device. Many scientists have noted that they can see a shifting sphere shape where the artefact is seated, but only when they occasionally catch sight of it in their peripheral vision, however they were unable to produce these 'sightings' at will.'

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    " it causes interference with any modern scanning or probing software."

    How did you take pictures of it then?

    Oh sad sad day when I, familiar with film from the black and white era, forgot about film...... *sigh*