Artificial Boat Craft Out of Plywood




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As i am quite intrested in reuse and recycle various thing at my home. So i decided to make a craft that can be made by a plywood lying aroung in my garage. This Artificial Boat craft is a Perfect Show Piece for bedroom, dining-hall or any living area this can be further modified and use you imagination. I simply cut the pieces from plywood and used super glue to stick them at there desirable place.

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Step 1: Layout

First you will have to design a layout what you want to make . I first draw them on a paper in order to get design in my mind. Then i simply placed this paper on a piece of plywood and start trimming

Step 2: Front Construction

I decided to make a duck shape in front of the boad .So i trim that piece of wood in the shape of duck and its fins.

Step 3: Back Construction

In back of the craft i Decided to make a sailor pole again made out of wood. i trim a stick,few thin strips of wood,some more pieces as you can see into pictures and finally glued them and also let them untouch for around 1-2 hours.

Step 4: Middle Construction

i decided to make a small hut in the middle of the boat. i cut four equal pieces in rectangular shape and glued them carefully as shown. As a window i used a small piece of cloth that gives a touch of Glass. Glu the cloth Carefully or else it will look dirty. For this first let the window wet and then you can glue a cloth as window.

Step 5: Base Construction

For base construction i used a fish shape as you can see in my Layout and them trim out of wood. I also used small pieces of wood in order to used it as a boundry of the Boad . Figure and Pictures illustrates more that a theory.

  • Glued and let them wet.

Step 6: See What You Have Make

Assemble all and apply final glue to the craft and let it wet for a day in case of better durability. Colour them as you want i just paint a littl e bit but not much else i will lost the natural looking of wood. Noe enjoy inm joy living room or bedroom- A Perfect Wooden craft.
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