Artificial Village

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This is my final image of artificial village 

Step 1: Artificial Village

This is background image (Original Image) .

Step 2: Artificial Village

Background image place in the background layer.

Step 3: Artificial Village

Adjusting the Light : Adjustment > Brightness & Contrast

Step 4: Artificial Village

Converting dry surface into wet and greenish: Duplicate the background Layer > Adjustment> Hue and Saturation> Increase the Hue and Saturation bar to get the greenish image.

Step 5: Artificial Village

Erasing duplicate ( background copy  ) image except grass and tree areas.

Step 6: Artificial Village

Adding other supporting images: Layer > Open image as layer.

Step 7: Artificial Village

Removing Background of the house: Using Erase tool first erase the outer edge of  the house, once it is finished go to edit clear or delete. Transform the image ( Edit > Free Transform) according to to the background image perspective.

Step 8: Artificial Village

Step 9: Artificial Village

Creating pond at  the one side of the road. 

Step 10: Artificial Village

Planting Tree

Step 11: Artificial Village

Women from different images carrying water

Step 12: Artificial Village

Truck with sugar cane plant

Step 13: Artificial Village

Applying blue color to the sky

Step 14: Artificial Village

This is Final Picture

Step 15: Artificial Village

Images i used

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I liked how you are able to blend all these pictures together. Great job!