Artisan's Leather Passport Wallet Tutorial

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Artisan's Leather Passport Wallet Tutorial (Full HD)

With this passport wallet I wanted to design a wallet that would be really useful and easy to use, while at the same time extremely elegant and eye-catching. The belt on the wallet easily and securely slides under the concho strap to open and close the wallet. I have made a detachable hand strap which comes in really handy when at the airport trying to hold onto your wallet while processing your tickets or going through security and you want to keep your hands free. For the interior design I have included 3 card slots with an extra pocket behind the slots. The bottom slot also has a finger slot to make it easier to remove a larger card with. I have also included a pen loop that fits firmly and perfectly into the center of the wallet, so you never have to look for a pen when going through customs or filling out paperwork on the plane.

Here is a list of tools I used on the cover artwork for the wallet: #0, #2 checkered beveler by Barry King #2 Continuous Mule Feet: Straight by Barry King Swivel Knife by Barry King S631, S632 by Craft Japan A2010, A2012, B2060, C2131, P2620 by Craftool Pro P972 by Craftool Molding Stylus Pen (for tranfering image onto leather with)

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