Artist Inspired Painting

Taking an artist's painting style and reflecting it in my own work. 

What I made:
I made an artist inspired painting off of Gil Elvegren's works. I used wood slats, canvas, a staple gun, a hammer, acrylic paint, brushes, and palette knives.

How I made it: 
I made it by studying the artists work, and creating a thumbnail sketch of my painting. I worked alone, using canvas and slats to make the base, and then used palate knives, brushes and acrylic paint for the actual painting. It took several attempts and techniques to get the face and legs and background just right. 

Where I made it: 
At school in my art class for most of it, I stayed after, and skipped lunch some days to work on it. And worked on it during spring break in my living room. 

What I learned:
I'm certainly proudest of my face and legs in the painting. Its hard to see from the lighting but there is a great deal of work that went into them. I honed my painting skills, after looking a the photo and slowing developing the face over a long period of time. If I did this again I would have a larger canvas, to space out the left arm and make it more realistic in my perspective. The biggest surprise was how quickly the dress came along after I added shadows and highlights to the figure. The legs were the hardest. I used wet on wet acrylic blending to have that almost airbrushed perfection quality. 

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