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While soaking brushes in water, brush hairs can be permanently distorted if they press against the bottom of the container.  This idea prevents that kind of damage.  

Clothespins hold the brushes and keep them from touching the bottom of the container.  Two vertical wires attached to the container  impale the clothespins through the eye of their springs, keeping them in place.   Each wire can support more than one clothespin and more than one brush.  

Many containers, such as this jar, have a rolled edge, or something to clip onto around the mouth of the container.  

Step 1: Bending the Wire

I think I used coat hanger wire for this brush holder.  Make sure the wire fits through the eyes of the clothespins you are going to use.  

Since the wire is springy, you have to over-bend it a little to make the size ring you want.  I used the smaller diameter circle in the hand grip area of a juice bottle to bend the ring that fits on the jar.  

Since the wire clips into a reduced  diameter area on the jar, the wire ends have to first bend outward, to clear what is above them, before bending up for the clothespins.  You need two pairs of pliers to make the bends.  

Step 2: Assembly

The springy wire loop clips into place on the jar.  The clothespins go on the upturned wire ends.  You can impale more than one clothespin on each wire.  I can usually handle four, or five brushes without too much trouble.  

The last photo shows a larger container being used.  



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    thanks! I really need do


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sure there must be other simple solutions, but this is what I have used for decades and it works fine.