Artmaker 5, Bottle-puncher

Introduction: Artmaker 5, Bottle-puncher

About: my name is Maiken Vanhee and i am a student at howest.

For our assignment 'artmaker' we had to make a tool that helps children with a cognitive impairment type 2.

Our tool had to help them punching a hole in the lids of bottles.

This way, these children can make fun works of art without having to worry about their disadvanteges.

We made the tool so that it the children can't hurt them self.

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Step 1: Building the Pons Tool

To begin our build we began by using a drill stand, we used this because it is a handy part that goes up and down very stable.

We added a short steel profile and cut out a piece of the side of the profile to make it fit on to the stand. Here we used steel because it was though enough to hold a punch. Next we made a cut out in that same profile to make the punch fit on to the drill stand. That hole we made adjustable to fit different kind of punches.

We made the stand more stable by fixing the stand to a wooden board. We used wood to make it look more attractive and was easy to work with.

The following we did was making a slider fit on to the board to be able to slide the caps under the punch so that the children didn't have to put them under the punch. We chose to use a slider because it seemed to us that this is the easiest and safest way for the children to position the caps under the punch.

Next we fit a safety feature on to our tool. So that children can't accidentally injure them selfs. The children have to put caps on the slider en slide the cap under the safety to punch holes in them.

The slider it self we fitted with a big handle, that was made out of wood because it feels nice grabing it, is easy for the children to grab. Also we have fitted the tool with a spring made out of aluminium that makes the caps come of the punch after punching a hole. Aluminium was very handy because it is easy to work with and flexible to let the caps come of all the time.

Under that we have made an other slider that slides the caps from under the spring. And under the that there were put a square piece of cutting mat to keep the caps positioned when moving back and forwards, we tested with kind of matherial we would use for this and the matherial of the cutting mat came out best. This is because it is durable and has the just amound of grip.

Then finaly we fitted the sliding part that moves the caps with a mechanic that keept it from a hard stop. This silicone bumper was put on the main pipe of the drill stand. Next we made two holes to store the other punches.


- grinding machine

- drill

- screw driver

- wooden saw

- lathe

- laser cutter

Builded parts:

- wooden board

- woonden

- slider

- laser cut safety panel

- wooden handle

- cut steel bar

- wooden turning knob to tighten and loosen the punch

- cut part to eject caps

Standard parts:

- drill stand

- punch pen

- screws

- cutting mat

Step 2: How Does Our Tool Work?

First, you slide the slider fully backwards from under the safety. Next you put the cap under spring against the other slider. Then grab the handel and slide the slider under the puncher. Now you can grab the handel and push it down to punch the hole in the cap.

We now let go of the handel and the cap wil come of the puncher and sit on the slider. Next we slide the slider back and push the cap out of the spring.

If you want to change the punch you can do that by losening the screw in the square profile so that the previous punch can come out. Next put the other punch trough the hole made for the punch now we tighten screw back to make the punch hold its place.

Simple plan of working:

1: Putting cap on the slider under the spring

2: Slide under the punch

3: Grap the lever

4: Pull the lever down

5: Let the lever go up

6: The cap comes of

7: Slide de slider back

8: Puch with the tool the cap from under the spring

9: Take the cap

Step 3: What Can the Tool Make?

The tool can make fun art with caps, you can make smily face or other faces in caps.

There are multiple possibilities of things you can do with caps with holes.

Step 4:

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