Arts and Crafts for the Letter H



Introduction: Arts and Crafts for the Letter H

Every day in my class we have center times. One of those centers is Art and I am in charge of leading the art project. This is one project I do every year around Halloween.

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Step 1: Gather Materials for the Project

You will need:






Black and White Construction Paper

Step 2: Write Name on Project

On the back of the white construction paper write your name on it. It's best to do it before you glue anything in case the glue hasn't dried yet.

Step 3: Trace and Cut Black Strips for the Letter H

First measure 3 equal strips on the black construction paper with a pencil or white colored pencil. After the strips are measured then cut them out. The size of the strips depend on the size of the white construction paper the project is going on.

Safety Disclaimer:

Use Caution when Handling Scissors:

-Either have the adult cut the strips

-Have the children use blunt scissors

-Don't let children walk around with the scissors

Step 4: Glue Black Paper Strips to Form Letter H

First glue a horizontal strip as the base for the letter H. Then glue the other 2 vertical strips to form the rest of the letter H. This should be done in the middle of the paper and the edge of the black strips should be even with the bottom of the white construction paper.

Step 5: Draw a Triangle Roof

With a black marker draw a triangle roof on top of the letter H.

Step 6: Draw Sides to House

With a black marker draw the sides to the house.

Step 7: Draw Windows and Door

To complete the house, draw windows and the door. The door should be at the bottom between the vertical strips and windows can be drawn anywhere in the house.

Step 8: Draw Halloween Related Images

Once you finish drawing the house then it's time for the fun part of the project. The next step is to add Halloween or haunted house pictures. I think its best to draw with pencil and then trace and color with markers.

Step 9: Brainstorm Ideas

This is a good chance to talk with your group about the fall and Halloween season and come up with ideas about words that start with the letter H.

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    Great detail here. This is a great way to host a lesson for teachers.