Artwork, Pinboard, and Organizer

Introduction: Artwork, Pinboard, and Organizer

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I had been needing a jewelry organizer for some time....
Ok, so I had a lot of clutter and decided to make something useful.

I looked up organizers online, and found that a lot of pinboards, jewelry organizers, and fabric artwork are framed. Using that idea for inspiration, I decided to make a jewelry organizer.

After making this, I realized you could easily make a similar craft without crocheting or knitting. So I've included instructions for those that aren't yarn-oriented.

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Step 1: Supplies

For this project, you will need:

*A picture fram
*Cardboard large enough to fit inside the frame (or a large piece of corkboard)
*Fabric larger than your picture frame
*Glue (I used a hot glue gun, but fabric glue, craft glue, or adhesive spray can also be used)

Other materials that can be used are:
*Crochet hooks or knitting needles with yarn
* Ribbons and buttons

Step 2: Fabric Time!

If you haven't already, cut your cardboard to fit comfortably inside of your picture frame.

Next, lay your piece of fabric right side down on your work surface and center the cut piece of cardboard on top. (sorry, there are no pictures of this step!)

Using hot glue, spray adhesive, or craft glue, attach the fabric to the cardboard, making sure the pretty side of the fabric lays smoothly over the cardboard to avoid bubbling, pleating, or messiness of any kind..

You will want to secure the edges of the fabric on the backside of the cardboard. Again, try to make is as smooth and neat as possible. Multiple layers of fabric will make the cardboard piece too large to fit in the picture frame.

Step 3: To Stop or Not to Stop?

Crafters, you now have a choice. Those that seek framed fabric artwork or the simplest of pinboards, you can stop here. Insert that fabric-covered cardboard into your picture frame and enjoy!

However, if you want more ornamentation, netting for hanging jewelry, or other additions, let's move on to the next step!

Step 4: OPTIONAL: Ribbons and Buttons and Sewing, Oh My!

To get a nice crisscross ribbon effect, you will need:

*Ribbons, rickrack, or cording

In the picture below, I used two different types of ribbon and simple white buttons to create a crisscross effect over my fabric and cardboard base.

Find a pattern that is pleasing to you and secure the ribbons, rickrack, or cording on the back of the cardboard using glue. If you would like to add buttons, these can be handsewon on before the ribbons are secured or glued on after the ribbon glue is dry.

Once everything is dry (after an hour or so), insert into frame and marvel at the prettiness!

Step 5: OPTIONAL: Practical Visual Interest

For my final adaptation, crafters can use netting, crochet, knitting, or lace to create additional texture and a practical piece for displaying pins, jewelry, and more!.

For this step, you can use any of the following:

*Lace, netting, crochet, knitting, etc
*Fabric glue
*Thread and needle

I attached a piece of crochet onto the cardboard base by stretching the crochet over the cardboard and "sewing" the piece on with yarn.

Again, learn from my mistakes. This was NOT the best option, as the excess yarn on the back made it difficult to fit back into the frame.

Once any glue is dry, put your piece into that frame and relax!

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