Arty Sneakers

Grab your old pair of sneakers or your new ones and vamp them up with cool designs! Be unique and different, and show your friends your no afraid to make a statement.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

All you need is a silver or white marker. I am using Pilot super color fine tipped marker. I also have an Artline paint marker 1.2 tip. If you cannot find markers like these do not worry, there are many alternatives. For instance you can use acrylic or fabric paint with a fine brush or you could opt for the less permanent option of tipex.

Step 2: Feeling Uneasy?

If you do not feel comfortable jumping in with your marker right away and you're afraid of making a mistake, or you feel that art is not your strong point; you have a few options before you draw. Browse the Web for designs that you like. Print them out and practise them on a piece of paper before you go for your shoe. You can also get someone arty to draw for you. If you do make a mistake remember that very few people will notice. If it is a big mistake then simply draw something else over it like a gigantic star(if u mess up that star : colour in the entire section, wait for it to dry and then draw onto that with another colour).

Step 3: Personalization Is Cool

I opted for an Aztec design. Personalising you design is awesome. Use words or phrases that you say often or write something inspirational like Dream Big. Use different colours and designs and enjoy yourself.

Step 4: Finishing Off

As you can see I used my old dirty sneakers. If you are using your current sneakers and you are a minor ask permission first. If you are not planning on wearing your old, now decorated sneakers, why not put them on display. After all they have walked you through a few years of your life. I decided to put my decorated sneakers on display.

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