Aryin Mini-Sniper




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This is the Ariyn Mini-Sniper so far it my best gun!
Its a great singleshot gun!
It can shoot up to 175FT with sniper rounds!
 I can't think of any more stuff to say.
V2 will have a REAL mag. And be a full sniper!


V2 Is Coming soon!!

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Step 1: The Body and Ram.

The body.
1 This is what you will be making!
2 Make this, it's the very outside panel.
3 Close up.
4 Close up of the front.
5 Close up of the bottom.
6 Make the inside panel.
7 Close up.
8 Close up.
9 Make these.
10 Close up of trigger.
11 Close up of the bottom of the barrel.
12 Close up of that thing.
13 Make the fore-Grip.
14 another angle.
15 same
16 Ditto
17 Make the ram.
18 Close up.
19 Ram without tape.
20 Top of ram.
21 Close up.
22 Make this thing.
23 and this
24 Connect like so
25 close up of the front
26 Add the bottom barrel.
27 Add that thing
28  add top barrel.
29 another view.
30 add trigger.
31 add that one thing
32 add i have no idea what this is.
33 add panel #2
34 close up
35 another close up
36 close up of the front
37 add panel #1
38 close up
39 same

Your done!!!

Step 2: Handel

1 What you will be building
2 Without the knobs
3 Another view
4 same
5 Ditto
6 same

Step 3: The Fake Mag

1 Front
2 Side
3 Other side
Your done with the mag!

Step 4: The Stock

1 What you will be making
2 Make two (this is the outside)
3 Make two (this is the inside)
4 Make this (bottom part)
5  Connect like this. make the middle panel from this picture. ( sorry)
6 Add the other  panels (they go on like the others)
7 Add the bottom part.
8 Another view
9 Grab a rubberband
10 Add it like so

Your done with the stock!

Step 5: Connecting and Rubbers

1 Handel, Connect like this.
2 Close up
3 Add this white rod
4 Add the fore grip
5 Take off this bit
6  Add the mag
7 Putt on these parts
8 Add the stock
9 Add the ram
10 Add rubbers!
11 Where they attach
12 Grab a rubberband
13 Add the rubberband


Step 6: You're Done!!

Hope you like it!

Step 7: You're Ariyn Mini!

Post pictures of your's
1 Mine!



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    46 Discussions

    cool bas3

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is the wonderfulst gun in my knexerlife! 5*
    I believe the range! Because it`s a single shot! I might build it in metallics

    9 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    For the DoomFire, I would just put the back of the gun under the front of the gun, so it is smaller and there is no need for all that string.

    As for this one, I love the look of it.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Now I try not to look at guns this way, but then surely it is just a downgraded K'sayer?  I mean, the only bit that's better is the 18 barrels, but someone has posted a way of adding a TR turret to the K'sayer I'm sure...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have a new gun in the works, it's a sniper pistol(I call it that because it shoots forever).
    It is single shot and can shoot sniper rounds.