As-Is Headphone Stand

Introduction: As-Is Headphone Stand

Hello, I made a dual headphone stand out of things I found in the AS-IS section of IKEA.

I always like looking in the area for stuff I could possibly use in other projects. And so I've wanted to have a headphone stand of my own but their too expensive, or don't look good. There is the 3D printed option but it would take too much time in the library to make. So here is my take at my diy (as-is) headphone stand.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Most of the materials are from IKEA and some things I found around the house.

- a plastic hook

- Two adjustable wall hang latches that fold up when not needed

- One IKEA EKBY BJARNUM shelf bracket

- A piece of scarp wood from a old project. big enough for this project

- An electric screwdriver

- A Philips screwdriver

- A triangle and a normal ruler

- And screws that are appropriate for the project

Step 2: Test Fit

Test fit everything, cut/screw once measure twice.

The upper hole of the wall hang made the head phone hang too low so i went with the ones below it.

Tested the function of the folding latch just to be sure it woks well.

Step 3: Finishing Touches and Done

Fix Up everything and done. Your very own headphone stand from scratch / as-is.

Its optional to pain or stain the wood. Could also hang one headphone and close up the one side, or use it for something else. Up to you

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    5 days ago

    Thumbs up, yeah why not ;-) I think you can make such thing from scrap., no need to buy it.