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The're cheezy, the're lame, they promise not only will it look good as new, but it tastes great too!

Yes, I am talking about those wiz bang product ads we watch at 3AM, while soldering our latest project and think

"Hey I can use one of those"

Well, I bought a "Pocket Hose" at Home Depot and was curious (but not enthusiastic) that it would
"Work as advertised" so I did my own experiments, and have made a Instructables about it!

Step 1: But "will It Blend"

They promise this hose will not burst, or kink, or freeze, will return to a small size when water is emptied.
you can store it in your pocket, carry it without tangling, cure cancer, yadda yadda!

Reading reviews of it online, one of the constant problems people encountered was the hose would burst after a few uses
So I added in a 'flow restrictior, by taking a top of a plastic container and cutting it to the size of a hose washer and drilling a 3/8"
hole into the center, so this way there would not be a 'burst of pressure' but still keep water pressure good

Step 2: Storing the Sucker

Because of its small size, and cloth coating, a normal hose reel, or wrap would not work, and the 50' hose does really shrink down to the size of a large coffee can when its empty, so I bought a small plastic flower pot, drilled a 3/4" hole in  the base, and put the hose thru the hole..

Step 3: Adding the Flower Pot / Hose Holder

It's a pretty simple project. Cost about $20 for the hose, $8.00 for the plastic flower pot, and $1.00 for the Teflon tape.



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    5 years ago on Step 3

    Thanks!, for the reply, like I said.,,....."just curious!". I've also, never seen a blue;"pocket hose" before!? The washing machine hose, and the weight, in the bottom of the pot, sound like great ideas.


    5 years ago on Step 3

    I did nearly the exact, same thing, after purchasing my;"Pocket Hose", but I used a plastic bucket, W/lid, to keep the fabric covering from any harmful UV damage!
    (My hose is left outside, and hooked up, all the time)
    I'm not sure what the blue hose, (that also looks a lot like the green pocket hose?), is for in your pictures/description? It appears as if you're using it to feed water to the pocket hose, but if that's the case, why use such a long hose? Why not simply make a short extension hose,between your spigot and the flower pot?
    Just curious!?!

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    Reply 5 years ago on Step 3

    I actually ended up doing that, when I was making the project, I used what I had lying around the house


    I did end up using a 3' washing machine hose.

    I put a stone circle in the bottom of the pot to weight it down
    so I didn't drag it every time I used the hose.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have two of these "pocket hoses", and they're both hooked to a dual spigot on my private well. My well puts out 67 #'s of pressure, @ 28 gpm. and I've had absolutely NO problems with pressure, and/or, volume of water flow!?
    I can also run both hoses, at the same time, and have no problems.
    If your home's "regular hoses" are performing the way you want, I'd look for blockage or defective valving problems, with the pocket hose you purchased.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Soooo--My MIL bought TWO of these from some TV show. And she was EXSTATIC (Sp?) when they finally arrived.

    My husband my kids my grand kids and I about died laughing.

    AS my husband sed--I could PISS harder than this thing can spray!

    We hooked it up and---dribble dribble---surely could NOT wash even light dust off our motorcycle. And if you put a sprayer on--nada!!!!

    So hows about yours? Does it in fact WORK? Mebbe on city water altho we have not had any problem with a regular hose on our well-----

    Cute photo show tho I kept hoping it would get to the "Punch line"-----