Asado Argentino (Argentinian BBQ)

Introduction: Asado Argentino (Argentinian BBQ)

I am going to show how to make a real "Asado" like the ones we do here in Argentina (sorry for my english please :)

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Step 1: Cuts of Bovine Meat

We have a wide variety of cuts of bovine meat

The best for "Asado" are:

Tapa de asado
Paleta o Punta de Espalda

Step 2: Ingredients and Materials

On the first place we need a "parrilla"
"Leña" (wood or logs)
"Sal Gruesa o Parrillera" (cooking salt)
BBQ Utensils

Step 3: Making Fire

We start doing a wood tower and put a ball of paper in the bottom.

We must put the big wood below the other logs

Step 4: Ignition !!!

Ignite the paper

Step 5: To Put Salt to the Meat

put salt to the meat

Step 6: Putting Meat

after 40 minutes aprox. we have a lot a hot embers and we are reade to put the parrilla on them

move to the side the logs and spread the embers

put meat on "parrilla"

Step 7: Wait 40 Minutes

after 40 minutes and turn over

Step 8: 20 Minutes Later !

make a cut to see if the inside is ready

the cook time depends on you taste (underdone or very very done) jajaja

Step 9: Cut, Serve and Eat

First serve the chorizos then meat !

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    8 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Asado argentino!!!!!!! vamossssss!!! riquisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimo!! y mas aun un domingo de sol disfrutandolo con gente que uno quiere :) costumbres argentinas :D

    Va bien con chimichurri:
    Vinagre blanco 2 cdas
    Agua tibia 4 cdas
    Ajo 2 dientes
    Perejil picado 3 cdas
    Orégano 1 cda
    Ají molido 1 cda
    Laurel 1 hoja
    Azúcar 1 pizca
    Sal y pimienta c/n


    8 years ago on Introduction

    It looks wonderful, but a translation into English would be greatly appreciated....


    10 years ago on Step 9

    Maravilloso!! Nunca pense hayar cosas en español por aqui. Lo que me intriga es la carne que usaste, que parte es? Para pedirla y hacer mi asado ;)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Ibusquets, COURTS son las cortes de justicia. Muy bueno tu instructable, pero mirá que los gringos también tienen lo suyo. (Ibusquets, courts are courts of justice. Your instructions are very good, but look to what the USAensis have theirs). Yo uso carbón, y no me avergüenzo. Es más fácil y el resultado es el mismo. (I use coal, and I am not ashamed. It is easier and the result is the same).