Arduino-Android RC Vacuum Cleaner "Asepsis 1.0"

Introduction: Arduino-Android RC Vacuum Cleaner "Asepsis 1.0"

"Cleanliness and order are not a matter of instinct, they are a matter of education; and you must cultivate a taste for them."<br>                                      - Benjamin Disraeli

Asepsis 1.0 is a hybrid between an RC Car and a Vacuum Cleaner and our Team has designed it to maximize convenience and reduce effort. Another word for cleanliness, Asepsis signifies a clean, germ-free environment in homes and offices.


After our Prime Minister - Mr. Narendra Modi launched 3 main campaigns in our nation, we decided to make our piece of contribution by combining Swachh Bharat [Clean India], Digital India and 'Make in India' campaigns. "Asepsis" focuses on easier cleaning, by the touch of a button.


  • Arduino Board
  • HC05 Bluetooth
  • Motors 200 RPM
  • Breadboard
  • Android Phone or another trigger device
  • Jumper Wires
  • Batteries : 6F22 9V
  • Nuts, Screws and Misc.
  • Android App used : Arduino RC


-- Image of circuit has been attached. --

Step 3: THE CODE;

-- Code has been attached here --

Step 4: THE BODY.

  • After you have assembled the robot, it is time to give it a structure.
  • In our case, we had used a lunchbox to put in the circuit, attaching up a dustbin, vacuum cleaner and case later on.
  • Other counterparts can be created using dustbins, boxes, shoeboxes etc.


-- This section contains snapshots of our robot, and also a live demonstration of its functioning. --

Step 6: THE PLAN.

Asepsis 1.0 is just an initial prototype of our planned project. A list of features that are already present in the robot, or planned for its future updates are :

  • An android interface where the robot can be accessed and controlled from.
  • A vacuum dustbin on the top of the robot which has Sonic Sensors, that detect any trash thrown at it, pulling it down by itself.
  • A vacuum cleaner attached beneath the robot, which cleans the floor as it moves over it.
  • Ability to clean the whole house, triggered by one command from the phone.
  • A special Android App just for accessing "Asepsis".
  • A few more of our ideas will be revealed with our upcoming additions to the idea.

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    4 years ago

    Great job. A easy to clean up the mess we make. ;)