Ash and Pikachu Costumes (Pokemon)

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These costumes we made because we for our one act skit we did the beginning of the popular live show "Pokemon gotta catch em Live".

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Step 1: Ash's Hat

I took a plain cap and painted it red. The white part was a template cut from paper. I made the L of Pokemon League from green stick on felt. I ran some white paint on the front of the cap. I also gave the whole cap a gloss of mod podge. Then I stuck on the L on the cap and drew the black line on like the anime show. In the photo with two caps you can see compare the cap that I made with felt back in 2011 was a little off.

Step 2: Ash's Pokemon Gear

The coat was a blue shirt that my mother bought at Walmart. I cut off the sleeves and pockets and took the rest of the details from here. With a sewing machine and some fabric glue I was on my way. The gloves were painted green and the bands of them are foam. The pokeball is a balloon. The pokedex is crafted from cardboard. The pikachu was a plush I modded to look like the show.

Step 3: Ash's Hair

The wig i won from the boardwalk. I cut it up and made it look like the show.

Step 4: Pikachu

The head's made from paper mâché a big punchball balloon. I took reference from a screenshot from the making of Pokemon live. The tail is cardboard. The gloves I gone cheap cause we were running low on time and we had only one week before the show.

Step 5: Show Time

The audience loved us!! All the Kids loved it.



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    3 years ago

    I wanan make a pikachu costume for my daughter and an girl verson of ash for me. Its her first halloween