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Introduction: Ashrah Cosplay

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When Mortal Kombat 10 came out in 2015, my husband, some friends, and I cosplayed characters from previous Mortal Kombat games to attend a release event. Here is a quick rundown of how I made my Ashrah (MK Deception) cosplay.

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Step 1: The Hat

The Hat was made using paper mache, gold satin, and sheer white chiffon. To make the top of the hat, I constructed a base shape from cardboard and added the lower lip section and then coated the whole thing in a couple layers of paper mache. Once dry, I stretched fabric over the entire shape, glued it in place, and painted it white with acrylic paint. For the veil like piece that hangs down the back, I cut a long rectangular piece of the chiffon, narrow hemmed all the edges, and glued it to the back. For the strip of fabric that runs under the chin to hold the hat on, I cut a rectangular piece of gold satin that was the length that I needed for it to run from one edge of the hat, under my chin, and to the other edge, by about 4 and a half inches wide. I folded it width wise, sewed it with the right sides together, turned it right side out, pressed it, and then glued it in place.

Step 2: The Tunic

For the tunic, I used an old t-shirt for a guide to create a rough pattern. I altered the shape so that the front would be in two pieces and one side would overlap the other, and that the back would be longer than the front (the back was cut on a fold). I cut these shapes out of white cotton and used strips of the gold satin to make trim on the neck, front, bottom and sides of the tunic (placement very roughly indicated by red markings). Once the trim for the bottom and sides was sewn on, I sewed the tunic together at the shoulder seams. After the back and front pieces were sewn together, I added the trim to the front and neckline as one long strip. After the front trim was on, I sewed the tunic together at the side seams, overlocked all of my seams, and moved on to the sleeves.

The main part of the sleeves was cut from the same sheer chiffon used for the veil of the hat. I cut the shape out on a fold, and sewed and overlocked the sleeve seam. For the cuff of the sleeve, I measured around my wrist plus about 2 and a half inches for seam allowance and room to be able to get my hand through the sleeve. I cut a piece of the cotton fabric that was the length of my wrist measurement by 8 inches wide, folded it lengthwise, pressed it, and sewed the short ends together to create the cuff. To attach the cuff, I simply gathered the lower edge of the chiffon sleeve to fit and sewed and overlocked the cuff to the sleeve. Once that was done, I sewed the sleeves to the body of the tunic and overlocked the seam.

To finish off the tunic, the tie/belt piece was created by cutting a very long rectangular piece of the gold satin, sewing the long edges together, turning it right side out and pressing it and finishing the edges

Step 3: The Pants

The pants were made from a pair of baggy white pants with an elastic waist band that I found at my local Goodwill. I cut the legs off just below the knee and altered the cut off section to fit snugly around my calf. I then took the upper portion of the pants, gathered the bottom edges of the leg openings to fit the sections I had altered, and sewed and overlocked them back on. For the gold bit that goes up the lower leg, I just wrapped gold satin ribbon up the leg using double sided fabric tape to hold it in place.

Step 4: The Bracelets

The bracelets were really simple to make. I took lengths of some steel wire and shaped them to spiral around my wrists. I covered the shaped in Sculpey and baked them. Once cool, I just painted them with gold spray paint and voila, gold spiral bracelets.

Step 5: You're Finished

Enjoy your new Ashrah costume :)

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