Assassin's Creed Apple of Eden

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A quick and easy way to build the world's most desired artifact. This is for eyes of assassins only, no templars!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1, 4-inch styrofoam ball

Dark gold paint

Light gold paint

Makeup sponge

Exacto knife

Marker (the lighter the color the better!)

Step 2: Draw the Lines

Using the marker and the pictures I have provided, draw the lines that are visible on the Apple of Eden

Step 3: Carve It!

Carve along the lines using your exacto knife. Try to make the lines relatively deep and wide so the difference is visible once it is painted! I carved using the width of the knife to make the carvings more obvious.

Step 4: Paint Job #1

Paint it with the dark gold paint. Be sure to get the paint in the carved lines! I painted the cracks first to be sure I got each area well enough.

Step 5: Paint Job #2

Using the makeup sponge, paint it using the light gold paint. Do NOT paint the cracks with the light gold paint!

Step 6: Done!

Keep this artifact safe from the wrong hands!

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    What I did was use a wooden ball from a craft store which I engraved using a dremel tool; turned out perfectly


    6 years ago on Introduction

    the apple is very close looking to the real thing. however, to get rid of the styrofoam look, i would put either spackle over it or bondo, so it didnt have texture. good job