Assassins Creed Black Edition Cosplay





Introduction: Assassins Creed Black Edition Cosplay

My Assassins creed costume was made using:
leather: Cape, Greaves
suede: Pouches, Vest
stainless steel: Vest, metal cestus, Throwing knives
Cast aluminum: Belt Buckle, gauntlet and cape clips
silk: Tunics and belt sash
linen: White shirt
wooden toggles: Tunic Buttons 
and a lot of stainless rivets.

Total cost... about $800, was it worth it? Absolutely.

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    You look like Giovanni Auditore :P

    I think you whole Assassin's cosplay cotumes are great but i think you are also need a long coat with a big hat(Assassin's Creed characters all have this kind of coat). I think you can prepare one: make it by yourself or buy one. I find one online cosplay stores and they have this king of Assassin's Creed costumes: M-cosplay and i think you can have a visit.

    I stared at that xiphoid for quite some time before realizing it was teenageher0 from Exotic Automatic. Awesome outfit, I can't remember if you posted the whole thing to EA or not.

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    Ahahaha magnificent observation, I cant remember either. :D I have been pretty absent from Exotic Automatic for quite some time now that I think about it.

    Hey, I love it, but next time you should try to make it a bit cheaper(brotherhood,revelations). Well, I'm a kid, and I don't have that kinda money. Hey, That last photo in the star wars convention was cool.

    could you make a instructable or just explain how you made the metal cestus, it's just really bugging me on how you made it so well, mostly i'm concerned with how you attached the metal to the glove. for instance did you have one piece of hand shaped cloth, rivet the metal on and the sew it to another part of hand shaped cloth to equal glove with metal on top or, some other way?

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    I am currently making my assassins creed brotherhood costume and I may make another armored cestus for that, but if not I will def make a how-to instructables on it.

    on the entire costume or just the cestus? you should make it for the entire thing. ( that would be a lot of extra work)

    Good Point, when I make the revolations costume I will show how to make everything, I promise, Im making the money right now so I can do a top job

    I'm drooling... That is one awesome costume!! Great job!!! :D

    If anything the blade is the only one that is on the correct side, as the simpler wristblade goes one the right arm, while Ezios fathers one sits on the left arm. But other than that, the whole costume has been mirrored.

    Hey, I did It bit by bit over a period of f months, but I could prob make the whole thing again if I had all the materials and tools in 3 days. Thanks sub me and youll be able to see the next costume, will be so much better.

    wasn't the inside of the cape red? just noticed, if you could fix it it would be almost spot on. then all that is needed is the embroidery. then it should be almost exact, if not for some errors for everything has them. it is what makes everything exist is errors.