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This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Assassin's Gauntlet as made famous by Assassin's Creed Game Franchise

Step 1: Making the Switchblade and Socket

So, in order to make the best gauntlet out of paper, the first thing you have to make is the blade of your gauntlet and the socket of blade.


The trick is simple, divide your chart paper into 4 equal parts and simply follow the steps as shown in video.


A lot of clear tape is needed in order to keep paper stiff.

Step 2: Making the Arm Bands and Band Pockets

In order to wear the blade around your arm, you will need good arm bands. In our case, we used turquoise chart paper to make the arm bands. To keep the blade in place, 2 x ice candy bar sticks were used to make base of arm bands. These sticks were pasted using hot glue and arm bands were pasted on top of them. once they were pasted, pockets were made using yellow chart to hold the bands in place and to adjust them according to arm width.


All the steps can be easily observed in Part 2 and Part 3

Step 3: Show Off Your Gauntlet

Your Gauntlet is finally ready. You can use it for fancy dress-up cosplay or a theme party. Even in Comic-Con


And while you make it, make sure to use craft blade under supervision while working with kids.


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