Assassins Creed Style KNIFE LAUNCHER

Introduction: Assassins Creed Style KNIFE LAUNCHER


Today, I show you how to make a blade launcher. Thought its funnier than a throwing knife :>

(Throwing knife next time!)

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Step 1: Tools and Material


- Rotary tool (drill bits and cutting wheel)

- Files, round and flat + some sanding paper for the fine tune

- Soldering iron 50W or higher

- Soldering grease and soldering wire

- Scissors


- Brass U section, 2-3mm space inside the U

- Brass sheet, 2mm (for the stabilizing plates on the rail)

- Brass tube (string guide)

- Steel or nylon string

- Ring (trigger ring for the finger)

- Aluminum sheet (4mm or 5, for the lock-mech and cover plate)

- Aluminum sheet 0.5 to 1mm (for the top cover)

- Small spring (lock mech)

- M3 screws (for the slide and lock mech)

- Scrap leather or deco foil (bought my leather scraps on ebay for 5 bucks)

- Spacers (for the cover-plate,can be made of brass tubing also)

- Leather straps / belts (from ebay)

- Teraband gold (or black)

Step 2: First Steps

1. Fabricate a knife from an old blade or scrap metal (can be made of Alu as well, its just a toy)

2. Cut the U-section, 3/4 of your forearm will be just perfect, minus 1cm, even better

3. Cut 2 plates and put solder on them, as shown in the video, then solder them to the U-section

4. Attach the Teraband strap to the jig (will show in a seperate video how to do this!)

5. Solder a piece of tubing (bend towards your ring-finger) to the outer rail

Step 3: ...some More Steps....

6. Lock mech: Print, draw the outlines on the Alu sheet, cut out, file edges, and put them on a plate as shown

7. Fabricate a slide from Brass or Alu, one screw in the center, another one on the side as shown.

8. Place and attach the lock-plate on the rails (where ever it meets your lock-screw on your slide !)

Step 4: ...more Stepe...

9. Cut out 2 Alu-plates (or brass)

10. Attach leather-belts to the plates, plates to rails, where ever they feel best when you have it on your arm.

11. Drill a hole in the ring (or make a ring from tubing / bend a ring, strapof brass will do).

12. Attach a piece of string to the ring, the other end to the trigger-lever. Has to be long enough, but not too long ^^

Step 5: ....even More Steps!

13. Fabricate a cover-plate, matching the length of your rails

14. Two holes in the front, one in the rear, to mount it on therails. Make sure the screws/spacers are not in the way.

Step 6: Ready to Fire !

Ready to test-fire. For the cover, check out vide number 2. Your taste might be different than mine ^^ if you like

my cover, it will be easy to copy, if you made it so far!

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