Knex Pistol: Single Shot





Introduction: Knex Pistol: Single Shot

This is another of the many knex pistols. Pretty good range (between 20-25) and pretty accurate. This is my first instructable, so constructive criticism is welcome. if you have any modifications or suggestions, tell me.

Step 1: Barrel

Hardest step. Look at the pics.

1. side view
2. bottom view
3. top view
4. back view
5. front view

Step 2: Handle

Just look at the pics and (if needed) ask for help.

1. side view
2. front view
3. back view

Step 3: Ram Rod.

Piece o' cake! be sure to put some kind of shock absorber. I used a rubber band.

Step 4: Trigger

Pretty self-explanatory. just look at the pictures.

Step 5: Put It Together

Look at the pics.

1. attach the Handle to the Barrel.
2. attach the Trigger to the Barrel.
3. put the Ram Rod in and attach any sized Rubber Bands. I recommend #64 Rubber Bands.

YOUR DONE!!!!! :)

To Shoot: Pull back the Ram Rod. Insert the Bullet into the front of the Barrel. lift the orange connector on the barrel and let the bullet slide down the barrel a little more. Pull the trigger (DUH!!).



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    45 Discussions

    Good job for first Instructable! It looks great too

    Nice gun. I modified it's ram rod to pull back easier and I added a small scope. It looks just like a Desert Eagle... FIVE STARS!

    1 reply

    5 stars but can you modify it so that the handle is a mag? that would be awsome

    one of the best pistols ive seen on this site. features a very durable/solid frame. The handle and trigger in a comfortable position. Cool design as quick to build 5*'s

    7 replies

    actually, it is. If you don't believe me, well, I can't change that. Ever notice how Mango Man hasn't commented on hi stuff since forever ago? He got a new account. He's talking to you right now.

    I'd actually recommend two grey connectors with a green rod between them.