Assemble Mini Laser Engraving Machine

Introduction: Assemble Mini Laser Engraving Machine

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this is a simple laser engraving machine instruction

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Step 1: Motherboard Holder

use screw to Fixed the motherboard

Step 2: Assemble the Wood Frame

Stick each board with glue

Step 3: Last Board

stick the last board

now we finish the frame

Step 4: XY AXis

put the stepper motor on the right place

use glue stick it on the board

Step 5: Laser and Pallets

put the laser in the hole of the wood and fixed on the X stepper motor

Step 6: Hotsink

the two motor driver need two hotsink

Step 7: Usb Wire

4 lines in the middle

From left to right in turn is black red green white

Step 8: Wires

X Y stepper motor and the laser wires

Step 9: The Completed Machine

all done!

Step 10:

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2 Discussions


3 years ago

Thank you for the assembly instructions. Dear friend, where to download the software for the machine?


3 years ago

What software do you use to create the G-Code file?