Assemble for Robot Arm





Introduction: Assemble for Robot Arm

About: specialized on robotics

this part just shows the picture of the installtion the robot arm. more photos, please move to our wiki to download it.

Step 1:

install the bearing and base

Step 2:

install the arm, since the pictures are two big. If possbile, please download from the wiki to see the more pictures.

Step 3: Intall the Arm

this is the step for the arm. more pictures, please visit the makerobotix wiki.



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    7 Discussions


    1 year ago

    How does a post about assembling a pre-made commercial product become a featured instructable? Not much "instruction" going on here, just product placement. At least if they were giving away the CAD files or something.

    So what is used at the end of the arm? Is that some sort of standard fitting?

    2 replies

    it is a round disc,used to located a place. thanks

    Could you elaborate on that please . Where would I see one and how is it used?

    Where i can buy components and how much they costs?

    1 reply