Assembling the GEK Gasifier and Preparing for Fire




Introduction: Assembling the GEK Gasifier and Preparing for Fire

This project is part of a series of instructables from ALL Power Labs showing how to create aHonda Accord that runs on trash. (note two years later.  there are much improved plans for building the GEK wood gasifier.  see for the most recently updated plans)

This portion of the project explains how to complete the final assembly and prepare the GEK gasifier for its first firing. The instructions assume you have completed the fabrication of all the basic GEK vessels, as was explained in the previous Instructable, Building the GEK

When you are finished with this Instructable, your GEK biomass gasifier will look like this.

Well, you might have to apply a bit of paint first. You are welcome to paint your GEK in any manner you like. Though we do suggest you use high temp paint, commonly found at any auto store. The 500F paint is fine. You do not need the 1200F paint

Once your paint is dry, there are seven components we'll be assembling:

- Gas Cowling
- Downdraft Reactor Insert
- Cyclone
- Pack Bed Filter
- Axial Fan
- Swirl Burner
- Fuel Hopper

The gas cowling, reactor and hopper bolt together into a single vertical assembly. The cyclone, packed bed filter and blower similarly bolt together into a single vertical assembly. These two assemblies attach together via the gas outlet flange to the cyclone. A soft hose attaches the blower to the swirl burner.

Step 1: Gas Cowling Assembly

Attach legs.

-Turn Cowling upside down. Slide legs over posts, tighten set screws.

Add ash port lid.

- While its upside down, Pull off two rows of weather stripping. lay onto cowling around
of ash port hole, on the inside of the bolts. Screw on wing nuts, hand tight.
-Turn upright.

Insert ash rotary grate

- Remove turning handle from ash grate, and slide ash grate into cowling, grate side up. Make sure 1.5" nipple fits through coupling in bottom of the cowling.
-Reach under cowling and screw on turning handle.

Step 2: Downdraft Reactor Assembly

Attach stainless steel gas lines

- Turn insert upside down
- Tighten one gas line into elbo coupling.
- Bend clockwise, around the outside of the next coupling, continue around to the second coupling then bend down and start wrapping clock wise and down around insert. Keep wrapping until its obvious which attachment it goes to in the mid flange.
- Bend a 90 degree angle about four or five inches from the end of the gas line and screw it onto the attached coupling.
- Repeat process until all five gas lines are installed.
- Make sure not to overlap lines, they should all fit without crossing.
- Turn reactor right side up.

Install 1/2" by 6" long Pipe Nipples
- Screw in 1/2" Pipe Nipples into threaded couples inside the reactor insert on the bottom plate.

Install Reduction Bell
- Put two lines of weather stripping around the circumference of the 6" hole in the bottom plate.
- Put reduction bell inside reactor on top of weather stripping.
- Place washers and nuts on bolts. tighten.

Insert Air Inlet Nozzles
- Place a ring of weather stripping around the base of the pipe nipple.
- Slide one inch section of 1" pipe down and push into weather stripping.
- Place another ring of weather stripping on top of 1" pipe section.
- Rub a piece of weather strip into threads at the top of the pipe nipple, this will help secure air inlet nozzles.
- Slide air inlet nozzles over pipe nipples and push into ring of weather stripping.
- Orient nozzle so it points in between adjacent two nozzles. Once all installed, they will make a five sided star, all pointing to the center of the reduction bell opening.

Assemble Reactor Insert and Gas Cowling
- Pull off two rows of weather stripping, lay onto flange at top of cowling, in between bolt holes and inner circumference of flange. Press lightly to get it to stick.
- Slide Reactor Insert into Gas Cowling.
- Align Reactor Insert and the Gas Cowlings bolt holes so that the Lighting Inlet is at the front of the Gas Cowling. It will line up with the 1/2" close nipple in the Cowling.
- Tighten nuts and bolts around flange.
- Put cap on 1/2" nipple instrumentation port in gas cowling
- Put 1" plug in lighting port

Step 3: Cyclone and Packed Bed Filter Assembly

Attach Cyclone to Gas Cowling
- Place weather stripping around square flange on Gas Cowling.
- Hold Cyclone up so that both square flanges match, install nuts and bolts. Tighten.

Attach Mason Jar
- Put plate with 1" close nipple into mason jar lid ring, nipple up.
- Screw onto jar.
- Screw into 1" coupling at bottom of Cyclone.

Pack Bed Filter
- Place Filter Mesh Plate in bottom of Filter
- Fluff Steel Wool, and pack into filter.
- Place Mesh Plate on top of steel wool.
- Screw Filter onto 2" coupling at the top of Cyclone.

Step 4: Vac/blower Assembly

Attach Vac/blower to Filter

- Place weather stripping on inner circumference of top ring on Filter.
- Arrange Fan so large opening is on top of Fan housing, align bolts to fit so that the fan blows out to the right.
- Place weather stripping on circumference of Fan Housing.

  • Assemble Fan motor and Rotor
- Slide rubber washer onto Motor shaft.
- Screw one nut onto each of the mounting bolts on the Fan Motor, screw it far enough back so the bolt can go through the lid plate.
- Place Motor shaft through center hole in Fan lid plate. The rubber washer and the motor housing should be tight against the lid plate and the mounting bolts should fit through the two surrounding holes.
- Screw on the remaining two nuts, on the back side of the lid where the mounting bolts protrude.
- Back tighten the first set of nuts to lock Fan motor into place.
- Put Fan Rotor on shaft collar blades side out, so the set screw aligns with the flat side of the shaft collar.
- Tighten set screw to secure fan rotor.
- Place this entire assembly, motor side up, onto the Fan housing, aligning bolt holes to fit over bolts on housing.
- Tighten nuts.

Step 5: Swirl Burner Assembly

Assemble nozzle and hose for swirl burner

-attach female coupling on the 2" tube to the 2" close nipple on fan housing.
- Tighten 1/2" by 8" pipe nipple to 1.5" to 1/2" bushing. Screw this assembly into 1.5" coupling at end of 2" hose.
- Insert 8" pipe nipple into 2" pipe on Swirl burner.

Step 6: Hopper Assembly

Fuel Hopper spring loaded top

- Place two rows of weather stripping around inner circumference of top ring of Reactor insert.
- Put a layer of the foam window sealant on top of existing rubber seal on drum lid.
- There are four holes in the hopper 8" down from the top. Insert 5/16 by 1 1/4" bolt from the inside of the Hopper so they stick out on the outside.
- Put on a lock washer then a nut. this will secure the bolt in the side of the hopper.

Step 7: On to Lighting . . .

Now you are ready for your first gasifier fire. Instructions for lighting are in a separate Instructable.

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