Flashing Eyes

This project is consisted of few electronics components. There are two LEDs

which get ON and OFF one after one in indefinite mode.

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Step 1: Schematic Diagram of Circuit

This is the schematic diagram of the circuit, it can be little bit complex for beginners but when you start, it will be easy and simple.

The values of the all the components are written.

If there is something I have missed then please leave review or mail to me.

Step 2: All Views of PCB Card

Step 3: All Views of PCB Card

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Hi dear, an astable multivibrator gives infinite square wave output, which can be used to further usage. In this circuit these two LEDs continuously turns ON and OFF. And Duty cycle can be controlled by varying the resistance, (trimmer in our case).

For circuit functioning, dear, you need to go to the video.