Asterix and Obelix Costume

Introduction: Asterix and Obelix Costume

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Obelix and Asterix costumes are one of the most common costumes you can see in carnival.

This is our take on the costumes ... with a 5 ton menir.

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Step 1: Obelix's 5 Ton Menir

If you want to cause and impact with the Astrerix costume you need a HUGE Menir.

So the idea is to make the it as big as possible but keep n mind it has to be light and portable.

The menir is made from big cardboard boxes. Use strings and hot glue to hold everything together.

After making the menir´s outer body, wet some old newspapers in a liquid paste made from a mixture of water and flower, use the wet newspaper to cover all the cardboard.

After this step let the wet newspaper dry before painting. After drying apply random gray paint spots using a sponge or a paint brush.

After the paint dries off, attach some sleeves/straps to the Menir so you can use it as a backpack. I used the straps of an old camping bag.

Test it on your back to ensure stability.

Step 2: Asterix Costume Items

Asterix's costume is quite simple and is made up from the following items:

- Brown pants

- Green sleeveless shirt

- Cardboard belt

- Carved foam sward

- A hat with carved foam feathers

- A blond wig and blond facial hair

Step 3: Obelix Costume Items

Obelix's costume is made up from the following items:

- White and Blue striped coveralls

- Long sleeve White shirt

- Cardboard belt

- Carved foam axe

- A hat with carved foam horns

- A red head wig and red facial hair

- 5 ton Menir

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    Yes we did, carnival is always great fun when you like the costume you are using.

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