Atari Punk Console


Introduction: Atari Punk Console

This is my Version of the Atari Punk Console! I used the Schematic of Make Magazine ( It´s running fine at 9V.

Parts used in this APC:
- 1x NE556 Dual Timer Chip
- 1x Switch
- 1x Power Jack (2.1 mm)
- 1x Audio Jack (3.5 mm, mono)
- 2x Potentiometers 1MΩ (6mm)
- 2x Knobs (6mm)
- 1x 1kΩ Resistor
- 1x 10kΩ Resistor
- 1x 4.7kΩ Resistor
- 2x 100nF Ceramic Capacitor
- 1x 1uF Electrolytic Capacitor

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The case is actually this one: .
Sorry, i don`t know where to get it in the USA.

I bought a ready made case from conrad, and drilled the holes i needed. pretty easy

well, im just wondering how you made that totally pro case!

the important things are mentioned in this post. "For more Information, comment this post!" should mean, you can ask questions and i´ll reply!

Really? no coments no info? That isn't the idea of Intructables .com ¬¬