Atari Punk Console Guitar Effects Box

Introduction: Atari Punk Console Guitar Effects Box

This is how to modulate your electric guitar or other electric instrument with a Atari Punk Console.

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Step 1: Parts & Tools

To build an APC Guitar Effects Box you are going to need:
a Atari punk console kit (APC) you can buy one here Maker Shed
a NPN transistor
a small iPod/iPhone dock (See notes)
a DPDT (Double Poll Double Throw) switch this is your bypass switch
2 1/4" Panel-Mount TRS mono jacks for the guitar in and effect out to speaker amp
9V battery

Soldering Iron
Solder Vacuum
Flush diagonal cutters
Wire strippers
Needle nose pliers
A small flat head screwdriver
A hold making device.  (If your enclosure is plastic you can use your soldering iron but this may damage the tip)

I like to use iPod/iPhone docks because they usually have a AUX in jack that you can desolder easily and their small.  Its best if it runs on 9V.  It could be 1 9V battery or 6 1.5V batteries (6 AAA's, 6 AA's, or 6 C's).  Anything that is a power amplifier will work.

Step 2: Build APC

Goto and build your APC as usual but do not solder in the audio jack or the 9V battery snap connector.

Step 3: The Effects Modulator Part

Instead of soldering the APC + & - headphone output wires to the jack, solder the + output wire to the NPN transistor's P or Base and the - output wire the NPN's N or Emitter.

Step 4: The Effects Input Part

Look at the Docks AUX input, take note if its mono or stereo
Desolder the AUX input, speakers, & power of your iPod/iPhone dock.
Solder some wires to where the AUX input used to be.  If it was a stereo jack then solder the Left and Right channels to the tip of one of your 1/4" Panel-Mount TRS mono jacks and the ground to the sleeve.  The speakers + out needs to be soldered to the NPN transistor's N or Collector and to one of the middle leads of your DPDT switch.  The speakers - out needs to be soldered to the sleeve of the other 1/4" Panel-Mount TRS mono jack.  Allmost Done!  Now solder the NPN transistor's N or Emitter to t 1/4" Panel-Mount TRS mono jack's tip.  Also solder a wire from here (the NPN transistor's N or Emitter) to the same pole but one of the leads of the switch above or below it.  NOT NEXT TO OR DIAGONAL FROM IT!  This will act as your bypass switch.

Step 5: Power

Just gotta add power now!  Take your 9V battery snap connector and solder the red positive to the other middle lead of your DPDT switch and to one of the leads of the toggle switch that came with your APC kit.  If it has 3 leads, solder to the middle one, but if there is 2, any lead is fine.  Solder a wire from the lead on the DPDT that is diagonal from the lead that goes to the NPN transistor's N or Emitter to the positive +9V power for the APC.  Solder the black negative lead to the ground negative - for the APC and for the iPod/iPhone dock.  Solder a wire from another one of the toggles leads to the positive +9V power the iPod/iPhone dock.

Step 6: !!ROCK OUT TIME!!

Plug in you guitar to the effects box.  Plugin the effects box to your amp.  Flip the pre-amp power switch to the ON position.  Flip the effects switch to effect.  Make sure your amp is on and play some music!  Some settings of the APC do not modulate the guitar at all, like when set to a high frequency.  Also some settings produce nothing and actually mute the guitar.

YouTube video and more photos will be up soon of mine.

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