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Nowadays, almost everything is digitalized. Most of the synthesizers nowadays use programming. Luckily, there are still a few reminisces of non-digitized synthesizers. Of more of the complex ones are ones like the Luna Mod or the Crazy Looper that Brian McNamara created. Some of the overly complex ones might be the WSG by Music From Outer Space. Next in line would be the simpler 40106 oscillators. Of the simplest are some 555 tone generators like the VCO. A bit more complicated, the Atari Punk Console or if you prefer, the "Stepped tone Generator."

The nice thing about this one is that it is compact enough to fit in your pocket so you can carry it around with you opposed to the huge, bulky ones.

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Step 1: Stepped Tone One: Look for Your Bear (Bare) Necessities.*

You will need to find:
2 555 Timers or 1 556 (I chose two 555s since it was cheaper, I had about a hundred and I memorized the pinouts.)
4 Terminal Blocks (or headers.)
0.01 µF capacitor
0.1 µF capacitor
1 Kohm resistor
Power source with connector to the board (I used a nine volt battery clip.)
Jumper Wires
Printed circuit board, protoboard or, breadboard
Speaker (I found that the 8ohm speaker works well with a high current supply...I used a rechargeable 9 volt battery. Therefore, You may want to add a amplifier.)
2 50Kohm potentiometers (After intense and critical testing, I found these work the best.)

*I was watching The Jungle Book 2 and the necessities "thing" stuck.

Step 2: Stepped Tone Two: Breadboard

Build the circuit according to the schematic.

Step 3: Stepped Tone Three: Solder the Circuit

This is the part that is a bit trickier. The layout of the board is sometimes tricky. Therefore I have provided you with a bunch of pictures.

Step 4: Stepped Tone Four: Generating Music

I have a video of me playing this...enjoy.

For some reason, I can't embed the video...

Here's the link:

Hope you enjoy it!

Step 5: Video

Step 6: Stepped Tone 5: Troubleshooting*

Congratulations...and, not so congratulations. If you made it to this step it may mean that you have successfully made this product. It may also might mean that for those of you who didn't build this this project and just read it you don't have a working product.



As always...if you experience any problems leave a comment and I will try my best to help you.

If you did make it successfully well then...leave a comment saying you made it successfully!

*Any idea on why they call it troubleshooting??? (Rhetorical Question...Maybe Not.)

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    Question 1 year ago

    can someone pleaaase explain to me why this happens...
    So i made this circuit... kind of ..

    image this, just the apc without the sequencer and on a breadboard :p .. litteraly everything checks out BUT THEN.....: out of nothig , and i think its something with the second ic when you turn it up it starts to pitch and pitch and higher and higher until... NOTHING anymore...
    sometimes i plug out my positive output wich is connected to the 10uF and then its back to normal for some reason, other times nothing works but always when i turn a bit wrong on one of my pots ... it is pitch ++++++++ STOP.... someone plz help me..

    i managed for now to not throw everything against the wall.. but i am sure that if this doesnt stop it will be the only solution to make me feel satified.

    Grtz Nick :)