Atlantis Salad


Introduction: Atlantis Salad

It’s Spring here in Australia, and it’s a great time for salads! So glad the winter is finally coming to an end (some would argue that we don’t even have a winter here in sunny Queensland!) and the days are getting warmer, with flowers blooming and the sweet smell of jasmine in the air. This Atlantis Salad is a wonderful salad to add to your salad recipe collection!

Step 1:

Mix all the salad ingredients in a large bowl

Step 2:

Blend the dressing ingredients in a nutri bullet or magic bullet. Pour over salad ingredients and mix through well

Step 3:




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    3 Discussions

    I like it ! Nice pictures !

    Thank you !

    I thought it was a recipe ! (I'm so naive)

    Good pictures indeed.

    Umm. Perhaps a list of ingredients for the dressing?