Nerf Reactor to Shoot Nerf Dart Mod

This is my first instructable, idk if anybody reads any of these mods anymore but hope u like it =]
sry if i dont have any pictures tho =/

what u need:
some sort of saw
some sort of knife or blade (scissors maybe)
some sort of a pipe to use as a barrel (cpvc, petg, brass, hollowed marker)
some sort of glue (super glue, hot glue, etc)

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Step 1: Unscrewing and Cutting Your Blaster

now you have to unscrew the back part of your gun. there should only be a few peices (barrel and a thing that looks like a cup). now depending on what length your barrel is you can cut the barrel of the blaster to the same length. if you look at the picture below you shouldnt cut ur barrel any shorter than i cut mine. (so u still have room to pump it, and its ok if ur barrel isnt the same length as long as u can reach it to put a dart in)

Step 2: Fitting the Barrel

now once you have cut the reactor barrel, the giant spring and the orange thing on it should come out. the spring is totally useless here, but u should keep the orange thing. you need to cut out the center of the orange thing so your barrel fits tightly in it. then you should glue it onto the end of the barrel. and you also have to take the other end of the barrel, put some glue around the bottom of it, and stick it down into the barrel of the reactor so it fits into the little hole at the end of the barrel. (this part is optional but u can also cut off the little black air restrictor thingy and the orange thing sticking out the back of it) and if you can u can also put a tiny bit of glue on the inside of where you glued in the barrel ( just to make sure there arnt any air leaks and that it stays in)

Step 3: Putting Gun Back Together and Testing It!

now once the glue dries u can put your gun back together and test it. i used a hollowed out crayola marker for my barrel. For ranges, i dont kno the exact distances but they r comprable to my modded nitefinder, its not the best, but for an atom blaster i'd say thats pretty good. Using stefans and a longer barrel would prolly help alot too. there is also another reactor mod on nerf haven (prolly better than mine) but i hope this works well for u. please leave comments and stuff. (if anybody even reads these anymore) =)

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    3 years ago

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    that is cool but do you know how to make it into a M16 with a 203 GL ig you put a recons barrel on it and hack off the hanle????????????????????????????????????????? i give you a 4.5 because if i did this mod im truing to turn a pump gun to a 50 or over gun that isnt that accurate i like it dont get me rong but i like having ACCURACY on my side im not trying to yell and i hope you understand. im like a 50 cal i like haveing accuracy on my side and when i hit the opponet will fall and you can amagine why my friends hate playing COD with me hint hint. but like i said its cool spray paint it plug almost the barrel up with rounds add a stock then ill be happy also that is a mainly good idea make it a 12 gauge.

    10 replies

     wait what? where does a m16 fit into this ?  this gun looks nothing like an M16. i think your imagination is too much. the recon barrel could never fit on this weapon how would you get it on? and second of all how would you load it? and a M203 GL ! dude for real THINK about what your saying before you say it. it makes partial sense but all that cant fit together.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    not to be dissing ur mods, but most of them are very unclean... forsaken angel and guys like him r good modders..


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    this is a motto i live on. i may not be the best but i get the job done understand

    do you know mods the mod is a recon with a atom blaster now YOU THINK ABOUT IT. if you know nerf DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU if not then i under stand but dont jump the gun

    Do you even understand the concept of  FORCE or GRAVITY or VELOCITY.  Everything your saying makes no type of sense and obviously you have been playing too much  CODMW2. I have played my fair share of MW2  and it is a very unrealistic game.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    sry replies a lil late, just saw the comment. again i dont like to paint guns or try to turn em into real guns. and cmon its a reactor, and i never tryed it with stefans yet so i might try that soon