Atomizer Stand

Hello vapers!

Today i'm gonna try to show you how to make an atomizer stand.


Because i could not find one tutorial for this on this site and i tought to make one.

I hope you will find it helpful and fun DIY Small project.

Estimated time to make one stand is about 20 to 30 minutes(minimal time)

Step 1: Gathering Tools & Materials

1: Hot Glue Gun

2: 510 atomizer

3: A pen that would fit on your 510 atomizer connector

Like this one(P.S This is the one that i have used) ->

4: A cutter with a good blade

5: A pill tube cap like this one ->

Step 2: Let's Make It!

First take your atomizer and pen and use the atomizer to make some threads inside the pen but, screw it in slow and easy, you want straight and clean threads.

Next take your cutter and your pills tube cap, and place the pen inside the cap as centered as you can, then make a mark that is the same height as your cap, then cut it and glue it in place. (P.S. I used hot glue gun because that is what i had you can glue it with almost any kind of glue that is strong)

Step 3: The End!

I hope that this short and easy tutorial helped you save some bucks, i know it's not that pretty but it works good.

If you make one let me see it please.



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    1 year ago

    That's a good simple solution :)