Atta Chicken


Introduction: Atta Chicken

A great Indian Recipe to have a fabulos chicken . This Chicken Can be fresh for 15 days if refrigrated and if not it stays good for 3 days so can cook and send to loving once.

Step 1: Cleaning

clean tge whole chickeb from inside out , removing all internal organs

Step 2: Preparing Marination

Take a 1bowl of hung curd
Put 3 spoon of garlic paste
1 spoon red chille powder
2spoon choriander powder
2 spoon onion paste
Heat 1red capsicum cover atove and remove skin from it and make fine paste and add it to the Marination
Add 2 spoon almond,cashew nut and wallnut pate .
Add a spoon full of desi ghee
Add some finely chopped fresh choriander
NOTE:Can also add some mint if need some more freshness

Step 3: Making Dough to Cover Chicken

Take 1/2 bowl of multigrainflour
Put warm water and make a dough.
It would be a flavor less one just to wrap chicken .(dough would be bit hard)
It will create a pressure over chicken and so all spices will fuse deep inside the chicken .

Step 4: Organizing and Cooking

Apply the Marination over the chicken
Put a hand full of almonds inside the cavity of chicken
Put 3-4 cloves of garlic inside cavity
Now cover the chicken with a muslin cloth
Over theuslin cloth put the layer of dough covering the whole chicken the layer of dough must be thick upto 2cm thick

Step 5: Tandoor

Take the whole chicken and put it over the coal inside the preheated tandoor .
It takes 2hrs. to cook inside the tandoor
And when to eat heat it once again in tandoor.

Step 6: Eat an Enjoy

Break open the cover of dough over the chicjen and enjoy the delicious meal



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    12 Discussions

    What happens to the chicken that makes it last for so long once cooked? If I roast a chicken I'd only keep it for a max of 72 hrs in fridge before discarding it.

    5 replies

    The dough also creates an air tight seal around the chicken. The chicken is not being open during the three days without refrigeration or fifteen days in the frig. The time starts ticking once the chicken is exposed.

    the dough applied around chicken creats pressue inside when heatef so chicken is cooked in its own jucies and spices go deep inside,this pressure and heat entraped inside kill bacteria and make it imune fir longer period

    But how does that prevent the natural bacterial growth you get on cooked meats? Even with all the chemicals and sterile processes in the food manufacturing industry cooked meats should only be consumed up to 72 hrs after opening. I'm naturally curious about a technique that extends food life by five times the normal lifespan. (And if wrong potentially puts lives at risk...)

    I ate chicken over a week old, and still alive. What are you crying about? The meat you are speaking of is processed by many hands, therefore more susceptible to higher levels of contamination. Grow and Kill your own meat and you wont have to worry so much.

    a tandoori can go above 800 degree c

    That looks really good. Is there a way to cook without a tandoor? Making a tandoor is one of my planned projects, but I have a lot of others that are higher on my TODO list .

    3 replies

    Thanks for appreciation. Cooking in a tandor is way better than other methods , but I have an idea to sove this problem just dig a pit in a place where mud is dry put burning hot coal into it then place the chickenand cover it with some more coal and close the pit . This would help chicken cook evenly

    That sounds sort of like the conditions in a smoker whose temperature is too high. What sort of temperature does the tandoor maintain?

    In a smoker chicken does not make a direct contact with coal but in a tandoor it does .